Colin Harris (palatinate) wrote,
Colin Harris

David Stewart

I am truly sad to report the following from David Stewart's father, Terry. As some of you may know, David had been undergoing Cancer treatment for most of this year.

"I am afraid that I am the harbinger of bad news.

David had a major set back at 22.30 last night and we were sent for. He passed away at 03.30 this morning with Ann and Myself, his brother Niall and sister inlaw Germaine at his bed side.

May he rest in peace after a great struggle bravely borne.

Details of the funeral arrangements later.

Ann and I appreciate the great kindness which you all showed to David and to us and we will always be grateful."

David was a great member and supporter of fandom, with unlimited enthusiasm and good heart for all aspects of the genre. As a journalist he also lent his professional skills and contact to us. The positive press received by Interaction in the UK owes a great deal to his work. As a Division Head he was always available, supportive and full of good ideas, and he added a great deal to the committee and senior staff. His positive energy spread to all those around him, which was a wonderful gift especially when the stresses and workload were at their peak.

Vince and I, and all the staff and committee, will miss him greatly. It is another sad loss in a year when too many of us have passed on.
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