Colin Harris (palatinate) wrote,
Colin Harris

Ewan Chrystal, who is sadly missed already

I had to post this to the SMOFS mailing list today ...

"It's with a very heavy heart that Vince and I have to report the
passing away of Ewan Chrystal on 4 January 2009. Ewan was the DH for
the Concourse (Fixed Exhibits) in 2005 and a wonderful, kind, warm and
gentle-hearted fan.

It seems particularly unfair to me that Interaction's team has seen
the loss of KIM, Johannes Berg, David Stewart and now Ewan. The very
best of us, all with wonderful souls that enriched all the people
around them, and all taken so long before their time (I know the first
three were all in their mid to late 40s; I believe Ewan was slightly
older, but not much). It is small consolation indeed that the success
of the Convention, and the pleasures and memories of working together
on it, stand as part of their memorial.


Some of the many tributes which Ewan will undoubtedly receive are
starting to appear on LJ and at other locations, including on the journals of myst and mquin.

Colin & Vince"

As someone posted elsewhere, Ewan was bearish with just a little impishness in his humour. And this was very unexpected. I know Ewan had had some healthy problems since Interaction but I was not aware of anything serious - and indeed he seemed in very good form in Denver.

I still miss David Stewart badly, and I shall miss Ewan in the same way. Neither of them ever had a bad word to say or a single bad bone or thought in their bodies. They deserved better and longer from life.
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