Colin Harris (palatinate) wrote,
Colin Harris

You assume it will only happen to other people ... part 2

Another couple of hours and I'd been seen (eventually) by a doctor, given some heavy duty pain relief (Co-codomol 30/500, if you really want to know) and trolleyed around for a couple of chest X-rays.

To my relief they said nothing was broken, so they gave me a load more pills (Co-codomol 8/500) and let me go. Essentially they said it was deep internal bruising and they couldn't do anything much more, so I'd just have to let it heal.

Over the next 24 hours some of the secondary effects, like the breathing problems, went away, but I found that the core injury was really awkward if not carefully managed. Increasingly I found I could walk or sit OK (as those of you at the con would have noticed) - but anything using the abdominals puts pressure on the damaged area and is very painful. (Standing up especially was hard). In some ways the core injury got worse - presumably the internal bruise developing fully.

I made it back to Guildford yesterday (strangely, driving is a lot more comfortable than most other positions, probably because the seat gives full support and is well adjusted).

Today I had the problem that it took me an hour to get out of bed. I think I must have tried to sit up 20 or 30 times, using every technique / angle I could think of - but as soon as I got a few inches I just had a horrible wave of pain and had to lay down again. I'm sure that sleeping just lets everything seize up again (it seems better now I've been moving around for a few hours).

I've been signed off work for at least a week (with expectation that it may become two weeks, and a warning from the GP to expect soreness for 6-8 weeks in all). Plus I've now got Diclofenac (anti-inflammatory) as well as more Co-codomol). After the talk with the GP, it sounds like the two lowest ribs on the left were hit so hard that they pulled extremely hard on the cartilage at both ends. So I now have stretched and damaged cartilage as well as overall tissue bruising. Which explains why I have two pain centres, one down below the heart at the front, and one around the back ...

I guess I'm lucky to have gone this long without ever having a nasty injury, and of course you feel a bit of an idiot saying you slipped in the bath - but it's a nasty reminder of how easily these things can happen to any of us. Of course if this was the US I'd have my lawyer chatting to the Campanile by now, and I'm sure that I won't be the last person to have a similar accident with their new bathrooms, but I just want to forget it and get on with healing now ...
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