Colin Harris (palatinate) wrote,
Colin Harris

David Stewart auction update

As most of you know, David Stewart passed away in 2006 from Oesophageal Cancer. Since then, his family and friends have set out to raise money for a specific project relating to this disease.

It was my privilege to meet Terry Stewart, David's father, at Eastercon for the first time and to hear about the progress made. Prior to LX, collections and auctions had already raised 12,500 EURO, a figure which the family had doubled. The total of 25,000 EURO has paid for the first year of the project -the establishment of a register of people with a disease which is a common precursor of Oesophageal Cancer. The aim is that eventually this register will span all of Ireland.

A special auction was held at LX of some of the most valuable books from David's collection. I'm pleased to say that this raised another £1,000 towards the work.

I know there are many who still miss David - I know I do - for his great warmth and generosity as well as his contribution to running conventions. I was glad to have the opportunity to meet Terry and hear about the money raised, but also to join the many, many people who've told Terry what David meant to us all. I know that the family didn't know too much about this part of David's life until he died, and it's clear that it means a lot to them to discover how well he is thought of and how much he brought to the community.
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