Colin Harris (palatinate) wrote,
Colin Harris

Sometimes it's the little things ...

So, here's a thought. If I asked what the big changes were in our lifestyles in the last decade, I'm sure we'd end up with lots of pervasive communications things - Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Mobile Internet, Wifi, iPhones, iPods etc.

But what about the LITTLE things. The things that whenever you look back at a TV show made 20 years later, date it? (Setting aside fashion and models of car, as they're a little too obvious). The 80s of course means mobiles the size of bricks for instance ...

I was just collecting some stuff for the local dump today (New Year clear-out) and came across my old work briefcase when this struck me.

When I started in IT in 87 a suit and a briefcase were the required equipment. And this stayed the same through the early 2000s or so. Why? Because you didn't have laptops (other than by rare exception). So what travelled around with you was mostly paper. And having a good leather briefcase was part of the uniform, certainly of working for any consultancy - and I remember the tubes were FULL of them in the rush hour.

And of course what has changed this is the laptop. Today I don't see even senior managers with briefcases in general - it's satchels, shoulder bags and other laptop carriers. And this is so pervasive but invisible a change that it was only on finding my old briefcase that I realised that in 10 years, it's gone from standard uniform to something that would attract odd looks if I arrived in the office with it!

What else is there like this? Suggestions / observations please?
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