Colin Harris (palatinate) wrote,
Colin Harris

Dr Who

Just some bits and pieces ... not about the meat of the episode (I know lots of others will comment on that) but minor things in passing.

Firstly I *really* wish the Lord President hadn't been called Rassilon. There is a lot of history around that character, and whilst Rassilon would have been Lord President, he was also long dead (for heaven's sake he had a tomb in a previous episode!)

Secondly, I'm interested in the immediate shifts the BBC (and Moffatt - I wonder which is driving it, showrunner / producer / corporation or all three) is making to draw a line between the Davies and Moffatt eras. The new logo for instance ... I have a feeling that although Moffatt won't do anything that will grate with what's happened since 2005, there WILL be a subtle shift in style, look etc which will make the changing of the guard.

(For those who haven't noticed yet, the BBC's released a bunch of material around the 2010 series now that the finale's out of the way - see here.)

Thirdly, on the big build-up to this being a tear-jerker. I thought it was OK, but I have to say I was less moved than by e.g. the last episode with Donna. Probably because we knew the Doctor would re-generate, and whatever he says about it being as bad as dying, it can't feel that way from our viewpoint. When Donna lost her memory, I thought there was a greater sense of something being lost.
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