Colin Harris (palatinate) wrote,
Colin Harris

Dr Who Speculation

OK, this assumes that you have seen last week's Episode, The Rebel Flesh.

Now, I very much doubt this is what is actually going to happen, but this morning I did suddenly think of an awesomely crazy storyline they could use for the rest of this season. (If you don't want to know, don't read on).


... during the episode tonight we end up with two Doctors (real and flesh) - we know this is part of the story anyway, but what if they both survive

... what if, unbeknown to anyone, it's the flesh Doctor who goes off and lives the "real" Doctor's life for a bit.

... what if, in the Impossible Astronaut, what we saw was actually the "real" Doctor catching up with, and killing, the ganger who has lived his life for 200 years?

As I say, I'm sure this won't be the storyline ... but it would be kind of neat!
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